Milton Wainberg

Milton Wainberg, MD

Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Columbia University, New York State Psychiatric Institute

As an immigrant Latinx American psychiatrist with over 25 years of clinical and research experience working with disenfranchised, stigmatized and discriminated populations who, due to structural racism, have less access to health, mental health, and substance use care, I bring to this project important expertise in addressing the needs of justice-involved individuals confronting the realities and challenges of the justice system itself.  Implementing successful strategies to prevent and reduce justice system involvement is crucial. To accomplish these two aims, we must tackle the implementation challenges and leverage the opportunities that can help us determine how to disseminate sustainable strategies with participation of all stakeholders involved. The Project Opioid Court REACH goal is to address the New York State opioid epidemic by supporting the court and treatment systems in their efforts to halt and reverse the impact of this epidemic. All stakeholders and the communities affected will be included to contribute in our Project Opioid Court REACH to help guide the development of services and strategies that can improve both court and community programming.